Ring in the New Year with a New Look

You’ve drank the champagne and made the New Year Resolutions, but do you still feel like you’re stuck with the 2008 version of yourself? While New Year’s usually signals in a clean slate and heady optimism, it can also remind you of how much the years haven’t been any different from each other either. If you’re craving for a drastic change, one of the best ways to start off is to revamp your look. The physical change will signal the need to overhaul the rest of your life as well. While the make over sequence in your favorite movies seem to take all of three minutes, you have to understand that a new look might take a lot more than a day to achieve. But take your time, do your research and mentally prepare yourself for the gasps that you will be subject to. Are you ready? Read on for a couple of suggestions on how to launch a more fabulous version 2.0 of you.

1.) Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

Before you can rev up your make over, take stock of what’s in your closet and make up …

Best Christmas Gifts for Beauty Junkies

All the stores in the mall are decked with Christmas trimmings, yet there's no doubt that shopping during the holidays is still a stressful experience. While it’s easier than ever to make purchases online and avoid the maddening mall rush, the true dilemma is in mastering the art of gift giving.

You have friends you’ve known for years, but you still have no idea what they’d want to see under the Christmas tree. Rather than buying a gift at random, and including a gift receipt for return, it’s time to flex your creative juices, in the spirit of holiday cheer. Chances are you have a girl friend (or three!) that has been your resident guru for all things beauty related. You just know, that they’d love to receive something they can use to primp during the holidays. Here’s a handy guide on the perfect gifts for each type of beauty personality!

The Classic Beauty

This girl would be lost without her Lacoste Polo Shirt and pearl earrings. She’s a sucker for the no-make up look and priori…

Holiday Star Style

For most working women, the holiday season seems to have crept up, leaving our wardrobes unprepared for the dozens of parties happening left and right. Chances are, you’ve exhausted all your outfit options during the first tide of Christmas parties, and now you’re scrambling left and right to come up with outfits without committing the dreaded holiday faux pas: outfit repeating.

So what’s a woman who’s RSVP-ed too much to do? Get inspired and get creative! It's a good thing the Internet has made inspiration only a couple of clicks away. Celebrity style icons are your best source for innovative ways to make your wardrobe holiday appropriate. Celebrities spend thousands of dollars for stylists to make them look positively alluring during holiday events, and you can definitely cop their style at almost no cost.

We’ve chosen four celebrities who have been making rounds in holiday best dressed list for their smart and flattering sartorial choices. Great make-up and accessories are p…

Opal Stevens' Holiday Giveaway Event! December 17th-23rd

Hey girlies! The holidays are now upon us :) So what better way to celebrate than by entering to win A TON of beauty products?! One person will win a large variety of beauty and bath products! Prizes include an e.l.f. Beauty Book - Smoky Eyes, Green Tea & Verbena Hand Cream, a Green Tea & Verbena Bath Soap, a Que Bella Dead-Sea Mud Mask, a Quince Replenishing Coffee Pumpkin Body Butter, a Quince Antioxidant Blueberry, Pomegranate, and Almond Body Butter, and a Sinful Colors' Nail Polish in Sugar Sugar.
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Winter 2012 Trendy Lipstick Round Up

When temperatures drop, it’s time to up the heat with sizzling lip hues. Bold lips were definitely popular in the fall catwalk, and we've rounded up 4 shades that would guarantee kissable lips all throughout winter. The best part about lipstick is it’s easy to swipe on, yet it has megawatt impact on your overall look. Now, you really don’t have an excuse to get caught under the mistletoe in an unflattering lip hue.

1.) Bright Red

The holidays are the perfect time to bring out this festive color. A bright red pout is just enough to add punch to an outfit without going overboard with color. This season, a popping vibrant red is all the rage. Pair it will flawless skin and a couple of coats of dramatic black mascara and you’re ready for a night out of town.

Our favorite reds include the classic Ruby Woo by MAC for those with bluish undertones. If you want a warmer shade, try Lady Danger a bright red with tinges of orange. Shu Uemura’s limited edition Shu Shu Red from its Karl Lage…

Your Top 3 Winter Skin Problems, Solved!

Cold weather has been known to take a toll on the skin. Sometimes your skincare rituals need to take an overhaul too to accommodate the sudden drops in temperature. If you find yourself waking up to more skin problems than usual, you’re not alone. Men and women everywhere are more prone to allergies, dry flaky patches and even acne every winter. If these problems sound familiar to you, read on for a run down of the most common winter skin problem, and how to solve them.

1. Dry Flaky Patches

What’s Happening?

Chilly winds and indoor heating have sapped the moisture off your skin leaving it parched. You now have peeling skin in patches, and since skin is thinnest on the face, your T-zone looks dull and flaky as well.

How to solve it:

Since dry patches are caused by a loss in moisture, make sure you moisturize every chance you get. Switch to an extra rich body wash, such as Dove Beauty Wash, and opt for luxurious body butters instead of the usual lotion.

Other culprits of dry skin wo…

Injecting Bright Pops of Summer Color in your Winter Wardrobe

When the temperatures start to drop, your color choices automatically turn frigid too. Your happy yellows and bright pinks somehow seem inappropriate for the somber seasons. So you unhappily put your acid colors in storage in favor of the blacks and browns that everybody seems to be wearing. While colder climates are scientifically proven to dampen spirits, wearing dull colors definitely won’t help in your battle against the cold weather blues.

Good thing that fashion rules are practically made to be broken. You entire summer wardrobe doesn't have to gather dust till next June. A lot of colorful pieces can be easily incorporated to your roster of winter coats. Aside from that, bright hues bring a lot of impact, so an acid colored clutch or a bright orange cocktail ring can do wonders for your look too.

Read on for a few tips to escape the dreary winter wardrobe spell. The sun might not be shining as brightly these days, but that doesn't mean that you can’t up your own wattage…